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When We Support Each Other

Blogging is a niche industry that I am thankful to have fallen into, mostly by accident. Photographing bloggers and local brands, that is. It’s the creating, but it’s also the connecting that I’m so thankful I get to do day in, and day out.

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Five Mistakes I Made Decorating My First Home

Having scarcely had the freedom to hang a picture on a wall without the approval of a landlord, much less choose paint colors or install trim, I hadn’t really had a reason to devote myself to interiors by the time we moved into a place of our own.  The result?  I made lots and lots of mistakes that are currently for sale on Facebook Marketplace. 

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The Best Equipment to Use for Photographing Fashion Bloggers

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive: "Love this shot of ________, what lens do you use?!" It's a great question, and one that I would probably ask too, ...

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How to Shoot Product Photos for your Blog