Chapter One - Beckley Photography

We focus on photographing fashion and lifestyle bloggers, and curating content for brands. We see all moments of life as memories to capture, so we often photograph weddings, events, portraits, and social media content. We live in an image-driven world and once we connect with a client to work towards the vision, we are excited to photograph just about anything.

Chapter two - Life. StyleD.

Both the name of our blog and the core belief behind the brand, "LIFE. STYLED." means to live intentionally; decorating your home, getting dressed in the morning, taking time to cook a beautiful plate of  food. It is about creating an happy environment for yourself and appreciating what is around you - always striving to be the best version of yourself and make real meaningful connections with the people around you. 

Chapter Three - Beckley Consulting

After focusing on lifestyle photography and sharing my expertise through the BECKLEY blog, consulting is the exciting next step. Cultivate brand identity, strategize content, and hone in on what makes your brand, blog, or business unique.


Rebecca founded BECKLEY in 2014 as a hobby that quickly grew into a lifestyle brand that represents living life intentionally, recognizing simple beauty, and making real connections with each client. What started as an attempt at ambiguity, the brand "BECKLEY" was created to represent something greater than the sum of its parts, and while that holds true, the voice behind BECKLEY has naturally become more and more one in the same as Rebecca's voice. 




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