How Do You Define Adventure?

Wanderlust hits us like a wave more frequently than we are able to do anything about it. I imagine hotel rooms with fluffy white sheets, camel rides through the Sahara, or Icelandic hikes ending in styled editorials. 

Not that we should ever settle for anything less than our dreams, but remember that every small trip, really even exploring your own city and state, holds so much adventure - meeting new people, learning something new... how many cliches have I thrown into these sentences.. but this is something I am trying to remind myself. 

Last weekend Andrew and I were in New Mexico for our sister-in-law's sister's wedding (Grace has a much more entertaining recap of the weekend, but give me 4-6 weeks and I'll have some stellar photos to share to go with her stellar writing). 

Since we don't see each other during the week, Andrew and I love our quality time together on weekends. And though I used to think that "being present" meant putting my camera down and enjoying my company and surroundings, I've learned the hard way that I LOVE taking photos - that IS how I am present. So we took a couple hours to go out and shoot before heading to the airport. Hardly a trek, but exploring cute cafes, pulling off to the side of the road to take photos, running through a field to capture the snow, I really do consider that a great adventure I got to enjoy with my husband. 

We also go to see where his brother and sister-in-law got married, which was Pre-Me-Dating-Andrew, so I was excited to see it.

Take photos, explore your surroundings, find ways to spend quality time with people you love, and share your stories.