Austin Recap - Can't Travel Without My Vital Proteins

Is it a photographer thing to love grey skies and gloomy weather? If you follow my Instagram, almost every photo I post was taken when it was overcast, and then I went and did the unthinkable and posted a photo that was taken in full sun at high noon. I'm actually staring at my phone and it is giving me anxiety because #instagramaesthetic 

oh good it got three likes

If there were ever a place to appreciate the gifts of spring, it's Austin. I actually walked by a house with beautiful blooms and told my husband, "I don't hate pink anymore." Talk about revelations. There is something about birds chirping and flowers growing that makes me want to be outside more, go for more runs, smell the roses...

Backstory: I have been eyeing Vital Proteins  basically because I want the skin of a six year old. So I asked, and I got a lot of great feedback and got some for my own. Maybe it's this vibrancy of spring, but I really do have more energy and feel like my skin looks healthier. It could also be that I'm trying to drink more water and eat healthier, but I figure that, if anything, I'm getting an extra 9+ grams of protein one to two times a day.

So far I've tried Vital Proteins in my almond milk latte, grapefruit juice, coconut water, beet juice, and ginger lemon water, and it's pretty close to tasteless if you give it a few extra minutes to thoroughly dissolve. My favorite is one packet + 1 cup of coconut water in a ball jar, shake it up, and fill the rest with ice. 

With the promise of youthful skin, hair, and nails, and letting Austin inspire me to pick up my camera and take more tourist photos than I usually do, I had Andrew take some photos of me while we were strolling waiting for a table at Cafe No Sé. (We spend all our time on South Congress, always). Maybe this could be left for another post, but who am I not to kill two birds with one blog post. 

I need to jump in front of the camera more often because, well there aren't ever any photos of me, but mostly because I realize how hard it is to know what to do, where to stand, what it will look like... bloggers I respect you so much!! (and bravo to Mr. Patton for having the patience for met to teach him how to use my Mark III) 


If you are thinking about getting vital proteins, buy some and see how you feel. I definitely recommend it in terms of feeling like my energy levels are better (coming from someone who needs to nap at 3 every day). Pretty close to flavorless, the travel packs are really handy, and they are kosher, so wins all around