Summer Style. Coffee Sippin'.


Intentions were set - intentions were so clearly set! And here I am two and a half months later finally posting to the blog. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Slow and steady wins the race."? Of course you have, but have you really heard it? I've found I am an all-or-nothing worst kind of perfectionist, but something that managed to sink in a little deeper than the Aesopian platitude: "Better done than perfect." 

Of course I want BECKLEY to be perfect. Who wouldn't strive for perfection? But each little task, project, and post doesn't have to be perfect every single time. Sometimes things have to get done, and that's a truth sure as death and taxes. 

BECKLEY LATELY - a simple way of showcasing favorite photo shoots that otherwise might never see the light of day on our channels.

There was no option other than to start with an ode to coffee. Two summer styles showcased in the diffused light of sweet coffee shops.

Lauren - Disco Daydream