How to Stand Out as a Fashion Blogger

from behind the lens

a BECKLEY series of tips for businesses and bloggers as told from my perspective behind the camera

The blogging world seems so simple: put on an outfit, try out a product, write about it, and include some photos to go with the post. But now there are hundreds of bloggers popping up every day, and it might feel difficult to differentiate yourself or to stand out in the crowd. After photographing bloggers for three years, I've noticed tips and tactics done by some of the top fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

1. Add dimension to your outfit

Layer pieces by adding a coat, hat, scarf, or sweater. Or try something different by pairing a day dress with a simple white shirt underneath. 

For spring and summer, think about adding detail and texture to your outfits. An interesting sleeve, or a lacy bralette, plus some chic sunglasses add interest to the photo without piling on hot layers.

pictured: (top and bottom left) The Fashion Barr, (top and bottom right) Fashion Jackson

2. Define your style

It's so easy to be inspired by and want to do everything, but defining your sense of style and your voice will go a long way in forming your brand and letting your readers know what to expect and why they follow you. It will also help with that elusive 'perfect quilt' that is the first people see when they find your Instagram account. 

You don't have to put a name on it, but finding silhouettes, color schemes, brands, and accessories that feel true to you will help establish your brand as a fashion blogger and let your readers know what to expect when they start following your blog.

A goal should be that if your name and face aren't on the photo, people are still able to identify you.

Pictured: Always Coco Noelle

3. Shop Local

Take advantage of your community. Shoot outside of local restaurants or grab some shots inside a cool coffee shop. When people can engage with what you're doing, it bridges the gap between just scrolling through photos on your phone and the real world. 

With affiliate programs that give commission through certain stores, it can be tempting to post only items from those brands, but don't forget about personal connections. Try going into a local boutique, finding something that speaks to you and putting a good word out for the spot. Chances are other people are also a fan of the store and there's one more real life connection to make with your readers.

Pictured: (top left, left to right) Always Coco Noelle, Fashion Veggie, Fashion Hour at Filament, Deep Ellum; (top right) Dropcap Design at Houndstooth, Sylvan Thirty; (bottom left) The Charm Scout at Weekend Coffee, Downtown; (bottom right) One Small Blonde at Stirr, Deep Ellum

4. Study

Know the trends, practice the poses, know the cool local spots, and know what people are excited about. Reading magazines, local newsletters, and following other bloggers are a few ways for bloggers to study their field. Not to be confused with copying, but it's important to know what's on trend. And if you're particularly inspired by something that you want to make your own, it's always worth a shoutout to your inspirer - another great way to connect! 

5. Engage with the scene

Nothing draws people in like portraying a feeling or mood in a single photo or photo story. By interacting with your surroundings, it paints a picture of who you are, what you're doing, and creates an aspirational image that makes people want to see more. 

Pictured: (top left) Mom Crush Monday, (top right) Labels of Freedom, (bottom left) Living with Landyn, (bottom right) The Mode Crave