Swoon Event Recap - Beautiful Wedding Vendors and A Stubborn Eight-Foot Table


The Swoon Event is a well-crafted wedding vendor event bringing a select group of creatives together in a wedding venue to rock what they got for soon-to-be-brides. When the founder of the event asked me to photograph it in exchange for a my very own slot for a booth, visions of heavenly florals, etherial calligraphy, and downright enchanted decor danced around in my artsy fartsy brain. 

Weeks of planning and curating led us to plan something that would be 'so BECKLEY' but just a little softer, as to appeal to those brides and a couple grooms. It was my first wedding vendor event. It was actually my first time hosting a tangible anything with BECKLEY's name on it. Oh the opportunities. Pinterest boards and brainstorming sessions and we finalized our vision: an EIGHT-FOOT LONG, THREE-AND-A-HALF-FEET HIGH, RUSTIC, WOOD TABLE. An eight-foot long, three-and-a-half-feet high, rustic wood table adorned with cascading greens and pops of white flowers, thick stock matte prints, gold frames, and Topo Chico (we thought it would be a real crowd pleaser*). 

*turns out people find free alcohol and gluten free popsicles even more appealing

We get to the day of the event. THE DAY OF THE EVENT HAS ARRIVED. I've been up all hours printing and planning and organizing and agonizing. But it's the morning of the event. We pick up the Uhual (which takes forever) and follow our Google Maps to the furniture warehouse. Thirteen minutes until the eight-foot-wide, three-and-a-half-foot-tall rustic wood table is in our possession and on its way to display my life's work and all I hold dear.  

We drive the Uhaul. We realize it's the wrong address. We go to the correct. We get the table. We get to the event. We get the table out of the van. We get into the elevator. The table DOES NOT FIT. 8th floor, this event is on the EIGTH FLOOR. And I am supposed to start photographing all the vendors at 10:50. It's 10:45. 

Long story kind of short. Andrew and I carried the table up 8 flights of stairs, arriving at 11:01, which I'm going to count as pretty damn good. THANK GOODNESS we had our intern to answer my frantic phone calls and make several trips up and down to unpack everything while we drove all over Dallas. 

So here's how the rest of the day went:

Thank you, Amberly for putting on this wonderful event! And thank you to all the vendors who all went way above and beyond and made the day so fun to photograph!