Why #GIRLBOSS Needs to Go, and Other Hashtags that Will Make Me Unfollow You

Brooke, One Small Blonde

Brooke, One Small Blonde


Started as something empowering. I admit throwing it around from time to time when I was surrounded by people taking the plunge, working for themselves, becoming successful business owners, and empowering others while doing it. But in this time of breaking the glass ceiling and "bringing feminism back" (which is another phrase I could tear to shreds), let's just drop the qualifier and call it how it is. When someone is doing their job, doing it well, and handles their employees and clients professionally, he or she is a boss. 

It's run its course, and it's time to hang up the pat on the back and get down to business. I get shy about talking about my job in casual conversation, because my literal business is out there for the world to see. Of course I don't mind one bit - it's the nature of what I do - but I take my work seriously and can't help but laugh when I think about how it would be if people knew as much about my husband's or friends' ups and downs, promotions, big clients, etc. as they do my own. The novelty has worn off and I see all these women entrepreneurs for what they are - people with jobs, taking it seriously, doing what they have to do. 

If you're a boss, you're a boss. #ihaveajobandidomyjobandthatscool 


You shouldn't be a slave to anything, especially something as material as fashion. It's used casually, and often jokingly, but anyone that perceives him or herself as a "fashion slave" is someone that needs to get it together. If trends are dictating what you wear and how you spend your money, I think that's a problem. Fashion is something that should inspire, and if the latest denim or designer handbag get you going, then make it your own. Literally, buy it and incorporate it into your own personal style. Nothing outside of yourself should dictate how you dress or what you own, and the term "fashion slave" grosses me out and makes me feel sorry for you.

#passionforfashion I will accept


#mompreneur #momtographer #momboss #BEINGAMOMDOESNOTDEFINEYOU 

#sorrynotsorry #ITSJUSTPETTY

#likeforlike #followforfollow #like4likes #GOMAKESOMEREALFRIENDS

#blessed #goals #godisgood #EXPANDYOURVOCABULARY


What are your #WorstHashtags? 

and have a #blessed day.