When we started BECKLEY & Co., we had goals to meet new people, open a studio, and travel much more for this living daydream we call "work." About seven months in, and we have officially checked off our boxes. 

Yesterday we hosted a coffee meetup in Austin and got to know some pretty amazing people. From music bloggers, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, new bloggers, to seasoned bloggers, we learned so much from every person. We are especially looking forward to the next #ATXbloggermixer!

We could not be more thankful to everyone who joined and helped out that day. The blogger and creative community has such vibrancy. We loved seeing people get to mix and mingle over coffee and macarons, and we cannot wait for our next trip!

Hosted at Mozart's Coffee Roasters | Custom Macarons by We The Birds Macarons | Tablescape decor from Three Twelve Co.