This April SusieCakes opened it's first store outside of California in Preston Center, and we couldn't be happier to call them "neighbor."

Inspired by both her grandmothers' baking, Susan, the founder, wanted SusieCakes to be a "household name synonymous with celebration."

We enjoyed a cake and wine pairing and after the first bite can attest that memories of family get-togethers came flooding in (also synonymous with celebration). 

SusieCakes stands by authenticity, quality, and and customer service. "No fondant, marzipan, spun sugar - only buttercream and hand-done logo work." Each order is followed-up with a personal call - the hospitality is real. "We care about people and these are really important moments." Their Celebration Specialist sets them apart from every other bakery. 

As Susan was sharing her story and emphasizing customer care, I could relate to the responsibility of ensuring the client's special day is just that. Wether it's the perfect birthday cake or capturing the exact moment a child blows out the candles - it is so important to go above and beyond in our lines of work. 

Now for the RUNDOWN. No one needs convincing that SusieCakes is delicious. I feel I've been missing out after only trying it for the first time recently,  but it's never too late to catch up! These expert wine and cake pairings are excellent for any celebration!

1. Lemon Cake + Sauvignon Blanc

This may have been my favorite. I'm more of a chocolate girl, but the sweet and tart were so perfectly balanced, and the little crunch of the sugar on top left me speechless (for once.)

2. Tropical Coconut Cake + Prosecco 

Susan's grandmother Mildred had always wanted to go to Hawaii, so she would put pineapple in her coconut cake to make it more tropical - it was her most popular cake. 

Coconut Cake (Or Cakonut Coke as we call it) is THE celebration cake in my family. One taste and I was back with my family watching my grandpa fan out his birthday candles with a paper plate. 

3. Vanilla Celebration Cake + Ice Wine

The most popular cake donning SusiCakes' signature blue was paired with Ice Wine - sugary yet crisp. Susan added, "Even if you're eating it on a Tuesday afternoon, you're still happy." Any day is a party when there's Celebration Cake.

4. Carrot Cake with Praline Filling + Washington State Riesling

A carrot cake perfected - no words can accurately describe the joy of a perfectly nutty, sweet, fluffy, decadent carrot cake.

5. Red Velvet + Rosa Regale

A wonderful sparkling rosé great for a day outside. The wine was soft and appealing - good for before dinner or after dinner with hints of roses and raspberry. It paired well with the cocoa powder and pairs well with fruits and a wide range of a desserts. (If we walked away with nothing else, Rosa Regale is a great wine to have on hand.)

6. Marble Cake + Pinot Noir

A great cake for anyone who's not sure what they want. The Pinot picks up the chocolate notes. This cake also left me speechless.

7. Six Layer Chocolate Cake + Port Wine


Mother's Day is around the corner, and with each taste, I could envision a celebration unfolding. Family gathered, sitting, chatting, laughing. Celebration isn't all about the food, but it mostly is.