Rome: A Home Away From Home

A quote I revisit every day: "Home is wherever I'm with you". Andrew and I have both been traveling constantly, and separately, for the past few months and this trip to Rome was the longest amount of time we have spent together since August. Along with spending quality time together, Andrew and I got to visit with friends - some of whom we haven't seen since our wedding in July of 2015. 

Both Andrew and I had spent our semesters abroad in Rome in 2010 and 2011, and that was when we checked off most of our museum, monument, and church tours. On this trip, we simply strolled through the streets, sipped plenty of espresso and Aperol spritzes, and ate pasta and cheese to our heart's content.

Some highlights of the trip: gathering wine, cheese, prosciutto, and crackers from a small shop and walking to the Borghese gardens for a small sunset picnic laughing harder than we have in so long with some of our best friends. The group of us one day were shown around the city by an American priest who took us to to top of the seminary and the view was more than breathtaking. The entirety of Rome, from the Vatican to the "wedding cake" - it took us all several moments to drift back down to reality and realize how lucky we were to experience this together. Finally, the purpose of our entire journey, was the wedding of one of our dearest friends - a beautiful, magical sacrament of marriage at St. Peter's Basilica where I was asked to second shoot. Suffice it to say that will go down as one of the most magical wedding to photograph and I count myself truly blessed to capture at least part of it through my lens. 

It's difficult to articulate a trip or an experience, and that is why I love photography. Jump in and explore - photos are an invitation to join in the moment and develop your own story around them. 

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.
— Michelangelo