We recommend you read the details, but to give you the gist:

  • "Blog Shoots" are meant for blogs

  • We have a cancellation policy

  • Tag/Attribute appropriately on social media and print

  • Third parties interested in using photos must purchase rights through BECKLEY

  • We own and retain the right to post and publish photos

  • We do not share RAW files and do not keep RAW files after project is complete

  • Pricing is subject to scope of project


are defined with the sole purpose of photographing content to be posted to a personal blog or Instagram account.

Blog Shoots are booked by the hour. Typically, 3-5 outfits can be photographed within one hour. The hour of photography may be used to photograph outfits, products, sponsored posts, lifestyle posts, health, fitness, recipes, etc. for blog photos or instagram photos. 

it is recommended to book blog photos 1-2 weeks in advance. we are happy to consult on locations and times for blog shoots. The standard travel reimbursement rate will be charged for locations outside of dallas.

Up to 15-20 photos per “look” will be edited to correct color tone and lighting and will be delivered within 3-5 days unless otherwise stated. Photos will be delivered online via PixieSet to be downloaded in the appropriate resolution for web sizing. An invoice will be emailed after the photo shoot to be paid online with credit card within 30 days of it being sent. Checks made out to BECKLEY Photography are also accepted. 

BOOKING ONLINE: a private scheduling link is sent to current clients. A 25% deposit is due upon scheduling. Deposit is non-refundable and separate from our cancellation policies below

RUSH TURNAROUND: Photos requested before the quoted the quoted 3-5 days may be subject to a rush turnaround fee of $15 per up to 15 photos. 

RETOUCHING: Photos requiring additional touch-ups to skin, hair, clothing, etc. are subject to an additional $15 per photo.

LATE FEE: A charge of $15 will automatically be billed to clients arriving more than 15 minutes after their scheduled time.


in fairness to clients who need to photograph and receive photos on certain dates, two types of cancellation policies are in place:

LATE CANCELLATION: a $25 charge will be applied to cancellations made within 24 hours of scheduled appointment. 

NO SHOW: a $75 charge will be applied to cancellations made within 2 hours of scheduled appointment, or if CLIENT DOES NOT come to appointment


Photos posted to Instagram: Tag @BECKLEYCO in the photo and/or in comments to credit Beckley as the photographer. 

Photos posted to blog: credit "PHOTOGRAPHY BY BECKLEY" at the bottom of the post, linking to www.beckleyphoto.com

third-party interest (sharing photos)

We love seeing your work shared by businesses and brands, but because this is a relatively new field, standards can be misunderstood or overlooked, but we are here to help! if a business, brand, company, website, or any other third party outside of your photographer or yourself wishes to use your photos, please contact us (your photographer) and we will either share or sell the photos with or to the interested party. 

Blog photos are sent to the blogger with a print/publishing release that gives permission only to the blogger to use the photos. sharing photos without the consent of the photographer is a breach of contract and will be addressed as such. 


will be billed according to the scope of the project. Email Rebecca - rebecca@beckleyphoto.com - for prices and packages. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due upon booking. The price includes access to all photos that are edited and shared online via PixieSet. Up to 50 photos per hour of photographing will be edited to correct color and lighting and will be delivered within two weeks unless otherwise stated. An invoice will be emailed after the photo shoot or event to be paid online via PayPal within a week of it being sent. There is no obligation to mention BECKLEY & Co./BECKLEY Photography online, but credit is appreciated.

Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/beckleyco/

Instagram | @beckleyco

Website | www.beckleyphoto.com

Should an event be discounted, photos may be uploaded for individual purchases per download. BECKLEY is happy to work with personal and business budgets and is open to working out packages to accommodate. 

3. BECKLEY reserves the right

to post any photos taken for clients on its website, Facebook, Instagram, and newsletter. We do not divulge client business or personal information, but please contact us if there are any other requests for privacy in posting photos. 


are defined as completed projects that will remain guaranteed accessible to the creator for up to one month after the completion of the project. RAW images and original video footage may be deleted by the creator as soon as work is sent to the client. Small revisions may be requested within a couple days of receiving the photos, but high-quality edits and revisions may not be guaranteed after that date as high-resolution original files may have been erased. 


are offered, but due to the editing time and other variables, prices have not been set per each project that comes up. Feel free to inquire, and an appropriate package will be created. 


Deposit: a 25% non-refundable deposit is due upon date of booking. Amount based on initial project quote. Deposit may be applied to rescheduled appointment.

invoice: invoice is sent after photo/video shoot or event is complete. Payable online or with check. Invoices are due (or check must be dated) within 30 days after being sent.

Late Payment: 1.5% interest is added to amount each day invoice is overdue.


Edited Photos/Videos will be uploaded to pixieset or dropbox upon completion. Images will remain watermarked until payment is complete. once payment is fulfilled, high res and web size images will be available to be downloaded and shared, and printing and publishing rights will be sent.