Recipes, hair tutorials, girls nights, curated dinners - however you represent your lifestyle through your blog or website, we capture every detail. We understand every blog and bog personality is different, so we work to capture your aesthetic and your lifestyle.




An opportunity for creative expression, we know blogs are personal and ever-developing. We love meeting and photographing bloggers, understanding their styles, their aesthetics, and their intentions of their blogs. Monotony is not our jive - we are constantly inspired to shoot in new locations, achieve a certain vibe, and simply get creative with it. Our sessions are upbeat, and comfortable; fast-paced but not rushed.


Professional PORTRAIT

Capturing the personality behind the professional. We often work with creatives looking to update their website's "About Me" section or need a fresh head shot to stand out from the crowd. You won't see us toting a muted gray backdrop - we love shooting in unique locations to bring some "lifestyle" into the portraits. 


"Dynamic" is how we choose to describe our portrait sessions. Of course, the posed, gathered, hands-placed, heads-tilted photos will be taken - we all need that solid "look towards the camera and smile" holiday card, engagement announcement, hang-on-the-mantle photo. Beyond that, we love capturing true and sometimes candid moments of happiness among families and between individuals. 



Looking for more website or social media content? We offer product photography in a lifestyle setting. With some natural light and well-placed props, we can help build your business by showing customers your aesthetic and your brand. 


We have worked with businesses to photograph lifestyle photos of their products to keep in their arsenal for social media outlets and have also partnered with businesses to run their social media sites altogether - offering quality photos and consistent posts. 



Engagement parties, birthday celebrations, pop-up shops, or just-because. While we work mostly with natural light, if you have seen our work, and you like what you see, we would love to hear from you and capture your special event! 

Curated events

From creative workshops to influencer dinners, BECKLEY & Co. has covered and captured the moments that make these events so special. We love photographing the entire event to share the photos with others and look back on with fond memories, from the planned details to the spontaneous moments. 


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