What Do You Do When You Realize You Just Reached A Quarter-of-a-Century

That's it. Officially twenty-five. I'm not complaining, I'm not anxious, I'm not really looking at this age as a ticker on a timeline, but I am becoming aware that I need to take care of myself now because I'm simply not as young as I used to be. 

This morning I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist. 1) this is the first doctor's appointment I have scheduled myself.... 2) what the hell happened to my skin in the past four years? That's how adult I am.

I'm also painfully aware that I spend too much time on the computer. It's part of the job description, but let's be honest even if I weren't a photographer I'd be on the computer too much anyways. Eye strain, sleepless nights, headaches - I get those migraines in the back of my eye where I start to lose peripheral vision.. yea.

So MUCH to my delight, I found out about Pixel Eyewear that filter out blue light from computer screens, televisions, and your cell phone. Little backstory: when I was in the fourth grade I found a cute pair of faux glasses from Claire's that I begged my mom to let me wear to school because I have always wanted to wear glasses. My dad, who is an actual glasses wearer had a little chat with me that night and encouraged me to embrace the fact that I don't have to use glasses to see. Jig was up. Back to plain-faced-mediocrity. 

But I have still always wanted glasses. And I know I shouldn't. But here's the thing!! 

Twenty-five. Always on the computer or phone. I have been worried I've been putting too much strain on my eyes and have been cherishing every moment I still walk around with 20/20 vision (because you know it's gonna go some time). So these glasses, that I get to wear, are actually saving my eyes from having to wear glasses to see. And I can truly say I have been sleeping noticeably better, falling asleep more quickly, and waking up feeling well-rested.

So without any bias I truly believe everyone should own a pair or several. They are so nerdy chic (think Warby Parker) and you can use the coupon code BECKLEYCO to receive $5 off your first pair

If you try them, please let me know what you think, and put that selfie on insta-story because I know they are going to look amazing.