You've invested in a nice camera - a Nikon, a Canon, a Sony, an Olympus. You've been playing around with the AUTO settings or navigating your way around MANUAL, but your photos just aren't coming out how you expect them to. Whether you're a blogger taking photos of products or food, or a mom trying to capture good photos of your son or daughter to send to grandma and grandpa, you need to know how to use your camera. 

I sat down with Victoria last Friday - who purchased a Nikon D3300 so she can take stunning photos as she travels the world. 

Starting with the three main factors - shutter speed, aperture, and ISO - I guided her through what each mean and in what situations they would change. Victoria will travel to Portland and Seattle in a couple days, and what better backdrop for travel photos could you ask for? 

For Victoria, I walked her through shooting in manual and let her practice changing the settings for different scenarios she may find herself in. Want a cool backlit photo of your Seattle coffee in a dark coffee shop? Or a well-composed landscape of the city lights at night? Street style captured with clarity and the right focus? Equipped with knowledge of her new Nikon, I'm excited to see what photos she returns home with!

BECKLEY & Co. offers one-on-one lessons for anyone who owns a camera and wants to learn the basics, or knows the basics and wants to learn a little bit more. Lighting, composition, camera settings, and editing are all things we can discuss during a session. We want to make sure you walk away confident and excited to practice with your camera! 

Book with us at BECKLEYPHOTO.COM/SERVICES to sign up for your first lesson!