A single white linen-covered table runs directly through the center of a local Dallas boutique, clothing racks surrounding the perimeter of the store, and fresh flowers, girly wine, boxed waters, and succulents heavily dot the room. Girls are welcomed in, promptly, about 2 minutes to show time because fashionably early is the new trend and everyone is eager to get started. 

Starting with a welcome toast and an outline of the evening, Ashley at The Teach Diva, hosted by The Meetup at Lion & Witch sat down to start sharing her blogging wisdom with the class. Blogging, as most know, has evolved into equal parts art form and personal business for many women in particular. Equipped with a folder full of note paper, an outline of the evening, useful tools and tips, and wine, snacks, and water, the eager bloggers, stylists, graphic designers, self-starters, and the like, introduced themselves and then eagerly listened and took notes on the invaluable information shared with them by Ashley.

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