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BECKLEY & CO.'s beginnings - the long and short 

I founded BECKLEY & CO. in October 2014, partnering up with my best friend shortly after we graduated from college together. The business was born out of a creative void we were experiencing after joining the work force and entering the "real world". 

Since high school I had plans to become a physical therapist - it was comforting going through college knowing exactly what I needed to do, where I wanted to go. None of that "what am I going to do with my life" that my liberal-arts-degree friends were facing. Though my route was already set, I always encouraged my peers to do exactly what they want when they want, at least during our early twenties: learn, grow, travel.  During college I was the photo editor for the school newspaper and yearbook, and worked on the side taking senior photos and LinkedIn profile pictures for students. But still I sat comfortably on my plan to go to graduate school and have a steady career in physical therapy.

A year after graduating, in which I have moved twice, worked three different jobs, and gotten married, things came together in a way I never would have imagined. While working at different physical therapy clinics, I grew BECKLEY & CO. as a side project, never relying on it as a career path, just a useful hobby that I happen to be passionate about. But one night while walking home from dinner with my then-fiancé somehow things became very clear. Photography is exactly what I want to do. Not as a hobby, not as a side job. This is my passion. I love working with people, I love having a creative outlet. I love delivering products that people will cherish and share with friends and family. 

Many of these reasons overlap why I also love working with physical therapists - helping people, educating people, and working in a dynamic environment. 

That's the Rebecca behind BECKLEY - the girl written in as "most likely to be seen with a camera" and the girl who is so excited to continue to grow BECKLEY & CO., to meet more Dallasites, and to take more photos!


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