the BECKLEY vision

BECKLEY & Co. was founded with the vision of becoming the source of inspiration for creating complete images that combine style, location, and photography. Officially a year old as of October, we have come along way in curating a brand that melds our California roots with Dallas's accessible networking, startup, and creative community. 

While we have immediate goals in reaching out to more Dallas creatives and collaborating to bring our expertise to this great city (and beyond!), we also have goals to acquire and create a studio space in the not-too-distant-future.

We are the cool and cozy navys, greys, whites, and blacks. We are natural wood and cool breezes. We are matte finishes and copper accents. We are sage and eucalyptus. We are cotton and linen. We are BECKLEY & Co. 

And if we were a storefront, we would be S E T & C O., which is by far the best kitchen and home decor store in Dallas, and probably Texas, America, and the world.

Sometimes the vision can seem impossible or we can get distracted with whatever matter is right in front of us, but it is so refreshing to walk into a shop like S E T & C O or brainstorming with other Dallas creatives and realizing there is a lot out there that is very real and attainable given hard work and dedication.