Elizabeth has been the “Co.” to the BECKLEY since almost the very beginning and has been such an integral part of the team she quickly outgrew any defining job title we tried to label her. So far "creative designer" has been the most fitting term we could find, but she really does so much more. From designing our newsletters, flyers, announcements, etc. to capturing some pretty spectacular moments as one of our BECKLEY photographers.

With a degree in art history, she’s passionate about beauty and artistry and has been art-obsessed since as long as she can remember. Elizabeth is the Nikon to Rebecca’s Canon and an ardent believer in capturing the joy she finds in her work with BECKLEY within her photos! She also puts her love for design to work and contributes to the BECKLEY team with graphic design.

Hailing from Rhode Island, Elizabeth desperately misses the smell of salty sea air and living a five minute drive from the beach, but has fallen head-over-heels for Dallas. She admires the Dallas creatives community’s drive to make their mark. Elizabeth happily signed on to the BECKLEY venture in January of 2015 as Rebecca’s behind-the-scenes girl to help grow into the Dallas community that she loves so much.